Don't Count Calories, Try This Instead

You want to lose weight or maybe just feel better, but where do you begin?

Let’s face it, there is sooooo much information out there on how to eat, what to eat and when that it can seem like a full time job just sorting it all out and keeping track of it.

Truth is, most of us make it way more complicated than it is.

Your friends will tell you things like; “If you want to lose weight you have to eat fewer Calories than you Burn.” “Make sure your Macros are right.” “You’ve gotta cut out the carbs.” “Eat Paleo.” “You should go Keto.”

Let’s start simple.

You probably know or have heard of “Macros”, short for Macro-nutrients. These are the three major energy sources for your body. They are: Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats. There are literally thousands of books, full cover to cover with what exactly each one does for you. Remember, we’re starting simple, so let’s just say for now, you need some of each on a consistent basis for your body to function properly.

How much of each?

This is where you can very easily dive into the abyss of never-ending counting, tracking, and frustration. Or, you can start with this simple guide:

At each meal make sure your plate contains the following.

1-2 Fist-sized portions of Vegetables


1-2 Palm-sized portions of lean protein


1 Cupped-hand size portion of smart carbohydrates


1-2 Thumb-sized portions of healthy fats


Yes, I know your friends and family may think you’re a little crazy as you size up your plate. That’s OK, we’re all a little crazy anyway.

But what about counting calories? What about my Paleo or keto or energy deficit?

This is a starting point. If you’re trying to lose weight it is likely that you are already not giving your body what it needs, and obsessing over Calories is not going to get you there with your sanity still intact.

For the next two weeks, focus on making sure every meal contains the recommended amounts and types of food suggested here and then we can look at making adjustments.

If you’re like most of us, it will be a big enough task just doing this simple exercise successfully for the next two weeks. Can you imagine if you had to count every calorie that you consumed? Not only that, but if you start out counting calories you are creating a lifestyle around just that. Do you really want to count calories for the rest of your life?

Not sure what is a lean protein or healthy fat or starchy carbs? Check this post for some great choices, but I think you probably have a pretty good idea, admit it or not. Let’s just say, if you think it’s not healthy, there’s a pretty good chance you’re right.

If you make it through two weeks of eating this way, then we’ll look at how you’re progressing. Were you trying to lose weight? Did you? Were you trying to gain weight? Did you? Were you trying to feel better? Do you?

Stop counting calories and give this a shot. I think you’ll be amazed!