Everyone Deserves The Opportunity

My coaching services are not cheap and yet comparatively to some of the “Super Coaches” out there today, they are relatively affordable. To be able to work with me on your goals for a couple hundred bucks a month is actually a downright bargain, if I do say so myself. When you consider the fact that there are coaches commanding fees 2Xs, 5Xs, 10Xs, and even… yes, 100Xs what I’m charging, I am suddenly a high value option. Am I worth more? Simply put, sure I am and yet, that has never been my model or motivation for coaching.

And yet, what if $200 a month is the difference between eating and not eating? What if you need to get to work but can’t afford a vehicle to get there? Should you really spend that $200 on a coach?

So here’s my question...

Does that mean you don’t deserve to have the same access to the coaching someone with a greater income does? This is a question that plagues me, breaks my heart. How is it that someone, who in likelihood needs it more, cannot gain access to great coaching?

What can someone like me do? How can I help make a difference?

Here’s what I do know. I have always felt compelled to help where ever I can, even if it hurts. I do know that if it’s within my power to do so, I must help where ever I can.

I have spent recent weeks speaking with individuals about my coaching knowing full well, they just can’t afford it no matter how important it is to them or what a great value it is.

I am announcing today this new offering:

As long as I am able to do so, if you are unable to afford coaching, you are eligible to enroll in this program for $2 per month per individual.

Now, when I say as long as I am able, I mean, I am not a non-profit. I have only recently gone full-time into coaching. Yes, against the advice of others, I gave up my “day job” to do this. There are expenses involved in running an online company. As long as I am able to cover those costs, $2 per month is all you will pay. The price will not go up.

If you are going to take advantage of this offer, I ask that you are truly committed to change and that you are honest about choosing this option. There is no screening process or auditing process or additional forms to fill out. Remember, 3rd Coast Fitness LLC is not a non-profit so it’s all coming out of my pocket.

If you are struggling with reaching your health and fitness goals, but don’t know where to turn, I want to help.

My life is not always perfect, but I believe I am truly blessed. I am grateful for all that I have and have experienced in life. Now it’s your turn.

If you are interested in coaching and can afford it, please choose one of our regular programs, knowing that you are helping to support access for everyone.

If you are interested in the Gratitude Pack, click this link to Get More Info.

Please share this with someone you know who would benefit from this offer, because everyone deserves the opportunity.