It All Begins With One Thing

Think about a time when everything seemed to work for you. A time when you had a plan and it actually worked out the way you wanted it to.

What happened?

Why were you able to accomplish this particular goal, while day in and day out you struggle to complete just about everything you set out to do?

Why doesn’t everybody accomplish every goal they have?

If you’re one of those people (most of us), who struggles with goals and frustration, don’t panic! There is a way out. And it’s not your fault!

There are literally thousands of videos, books, articles, audio series and seminars on setting and attaining goals available for you today. Most of them are reasonably accurate in their description of the steps to a goal.

The problem with most of them is where they list the most important step. What is that step? What is it that keeps most of us from reaching our goals?

Let’s take a look… shall we?

I’m not going to cover the goal setting process here, rather I’m going to say this about it…

The goal setting process is exactly that… a method for figuring out what you want in life and how you will go about getting it.

We are taught through different methods to figure out what we want, decide how to do it, decide what’s most important to do first, figure out who can help you (if you need help), and then finally as a subscript to the whole beautiful plan you’ve created the final step is…

Take the first small step.

An entire 360 page book can be filled all the way to page 359 with how to figure out what you want and then finally, almost as an afterthought, the author suggests that you take a small step, the first step towards your goal.

It’s like saying that it’s not actually important to achieve the goal, it’s just the figuring out that matters!


I am a firm believer in having a clear vision of what’s important to you in life and I think it’s a shame that most people don’t ever have any idea, however, knowing what you want alone is about as fulfilling as as going to a fine restaurant, ordering their best steak and then when they bring it to your table just sitting there staring at it.

What’s the point?

Whatever you want in life. Whatever you don’t have or want more of or really believe is important in your life, will never come to be unless you do something to move you towards that end!

A new car, a healthy body, a great relationship, an incredible career… none of those things are just going to fall out of the sky into your lap! Yes, fortunately, cars don’t fall out of the sky!

The “Last” step in most people’s goal setting programs is taking action. WOW! The last step? It’s no wonder most folks read a goal setting program and come out with a big list of ideas and not much more!

I love reading and listening to Tony Robbins. The reason? Not because he’s a guru. Not because he’s so full of energy! No, the reason I enjoy him is because right from the very begin of any program he presents, he is encouraging you to get moving and take action.

And, yes I know, if you do something it could be wrong, but how will you ever know if you don’t try?

If you sit around waiting for everything to be perfect or until you know all of the answers or until you think it’s the right time… ten years from now you will be in the same place wondering what went wrong!

Do you really want to be sitting around ten years from now making a new list of the same goals you made ten years ago but never went after?


Do you want to look back ten years from now absolutely amazed at what you’ve accomplished in life? Do you want to sit sadly wishing for a different life or do you want to look back gratefully at the incredible experiences you’ve had in life on the journey to your goals?

Don’t you want to be sitting down ten years from now setting new incredible goals that are based on the higher level you created for yourself because you actually took action?

I know for myself… that’s what I want! And I know that the only way that’s going to happen is to DO SOMETHING NOW that will move me in the right direction. And I think you do too!

It doesn’t have to be the perfect first step. You just have to take action!

What are your goals?

Whatever they are… do something! Get up and go for a run or go to the gym or read that book or unplug that TV or hire a Personal Trainer or get a life coach or apply for that new job (even if they don’t have a help-wanted ad) or sit down for a conversation with your loved one or whatever it is… do something now!

I promise… you’ll be amazed!